Jelly Baby Song

Raising funds for Type 1 Diabetes

Jelly Baby Song
Stormfront Productions is proud to announce the Official Launch on May 1st of "Jelly Baby Song"
Raising funds for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.
This song has already gained radio airplay as far away as Canada and featured in print media in Sweden and the UK - now we need Australia to get on board and support this home-grown initiative.
JDRF say "we've never had anything like this before... what a beautiful song!"
From the Outback of South Australia, singer and songwriter Alison Hams wanted to combine her professional love of music and kids with her personal interest in helping people with Type 1 Diabetes - and so the "Jelly Baby Song" was born!
Written in late 2012 by Alison, recorded with her young music students - and produced by fellow musician (and husband) Mark Tempany (himself a Type 1 Diabetic) - "Jelly Baby Song" is a toe-tapping, sing-a-long tune set to take on the world to raise funds for research into curing Type 1 Diabetes!
From it's official launch on 1st May 2013 (to line up with with JDRF Australia's "Jelly Baby Month" campaign) - 95% of all sales of "Jelly Baby Song" will be donated to JDRF and their quest to cure Type 1 Diabetes!
Alison and Mark - apart from their long and successful independent recording careers - also run Stormfront Music Tutoring  in Whyalla, South Australia "where the Outback meets the sea!"
With well over 100 music students each week Stormfront has a proud history of fostering the musical dreams of young people - and of further encouraging students to "give back" to their local community, and the world in general.
Whilst always aware of Diabetes and the threats it posed - Alison was ignited to take action for a cure after Mark suffered a massive nocturnal seizure in 2008 in which he severely fractured three vertebrae. His recovery has now been almost total - but the very tough 2 years immediately following the dramatic injury created a resolve in the pair to do more.
"Jelly Baby Song" features Alison along with her "Jelly Baby Choir" - Halle, Asha, Jordan, Hayley, Ellise, Natasha and Grace. It was recorded by Stormfront in Whyalla - and mastered in Nashville, Tennessee.
If everyone, everywhere simply buys a copy of "Jelly Baby Song" from - just imagine what a difference we will make towards finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes!



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Raising funds for Type 1 Diabetes

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